1401 East 55th Street • Cleveland, OH


$8 Sterle’s Nachos

Paprika potato chips, hungarian sausage, beer cheese sauce, green onions

9 Rabbit

Chive spaetzle, Slovenian sausage, Slovenian sofrito

$7 Halushki

Cabbage, noodles, bacon, caraway


$16 Stroganoff

Smoked prime rib, faro, mustard greens, herb sour cream

$15 Meatloaf

Mashed Potato and beer gravy

$18 Salmon

Spaetzle, mushrooms. paprika vinaigrette

Sterle's Classics

Served with Soup or Salad

$16 Chicken Paprikash

Hungary's famous dish of braised chicken served over dumplings

$15 Pierogies with Vegetables

Locally made potato and cheese pierogies served with caramelized onions and your choice of apple sauce or sour cream

Sterle's Family Style

Served family style with House Salad, Potato, Vegetable, and Brownies

$18 per person Sterle’s Feast

Add soup for $ 1.50

Select 3 of the following:
Wienerschnitzel (add $2),Pork Schnitzel, Pierogies, Chicken Paprikash, Sausage or Roast Pork