1401 East 55th Street • Cleveland, OH


Plans for St. Clair Superior Based Brewery

Rick Semersky, owner of the historic Sterle’s Country House in the St. Clair Superior neighborhood, has big plans for the adjacent property. At present, the buildings at 1361 E. 55th Street house VIP, Semersky’s building exterior contractor company. But he’s been quietly working to redevelop much of that property. Next up is Café 55, a breakfast and lunch café that …


Community Impact Awards 2014: St. Clair Superior Development Corp

St. Clair Superior Development Corp. and the Cleveland Flea have rejuvenated a neighborhood. By Sheehan Hannan Jordan Lee didn’t think he could make a career out of crafting wallets and watchbands.He had worked in the restaurant industry since he was 17. His leatherwork was a sidebar, something he did just for friends. But the long nights and weekends of culinary …


Stadium Boosters & Critics Debate Sin Tax at Sterle’s

Should voters support Cleveland’s stadium deals by voting for the stadium sin tax May 6? Or are we struggling under burdensome leases we can barely understand? Advocates on both sides argued the point last night during the Civic Commons debate as beer flowed at Sterle’s Country House. Each side brought a numbers guy and a guy who argued from the …


More of the (Not So) Same at Sterle’s

By Jon Benedict, Edible Cleveland. Photo by Don Bensman   Imagine taking over a cherished icon of a restaurant whose most treasured quality is the sense that it is frozen in time, unchanging over decades, always comfortably familiar, always the same. Now imagine starting a brand new restaurant. All of the immense challenges and innumberable tasks that come with creating something …


Home for the Holidays: A guide to Cleveland must-sees for visitors

By Laura DeMarco, The Plain Dealer  Where do you take out of towners first when they visit Cleveland? Share your first stops in the comments below!  Clevelanders move away. A lot. But we usually come back – from college, for the holidays, to see family, to see what’s new, sometimes even to stay. And when we come back, we often bring people …