1401 East 55th Street • Cleveland, OH

Goldhorn Brewery is Open!

Goldhorn Brewery isn’t trying to reinvent beer, because there’s no reason to reinvent beer.  We’re exploring the rich heritage and traditions of our Cleveland neighborhood to to craft beers that bring people together, inspire stories and make people proud.

Happy Hour at Sterle’s


New Happy Hour Menu

Every Thursday and Friday



Lunch at Sterle’s
Thursay & Friday
from 11:30 am
Soup + Salad Bar


Live Music
Friday,  November 25th

Ceden Glasbeniki                               6–9 pm

Saturday,  November 26th

Polka Pirates                                      6-10 pm

Friday,  December 2nd

Polka Pirates                                      6-9 pm

Saturday, December 3rd

Frank Moravcik                             6-10 pm



Sterle’s History

Think polkas, accordions, Slovenian food, wienerschnitzels, music, dancing, great ethnic/Central European food and you’ll have a true picture of this Cleveland institution.


Check out what’s happening at Sterle’s!

Banquet Catering Menu

For more information about holding an event at Sterle’s or having the food truck come to you, please call the restaurant 216-881-4181